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From Delhi to Mauritius submarine tour Submarine Dive in Mauritius is one of the best activity one can enjoy during the tour to Mauritius Standard dive takes you 35-Metre dive. Experience this incredible two-hour under-water excursion in the BS1100 submarine (including 40mn of dive) which has been specially designed to make sure everyone enjoys great views of the Indian Ocean from 35 metres below sea level. You will get safety training, a full explanation of the excursion and an unforgettable 40-minute journey under water. Product Description For a fun-filled experience with nature, book a ticket for the BS1100 which seats 10 people. Each comfortable chair has its own window, so you will have uninterrupted views of the ocean bed. The submarine is piloted by an experienced captain who knows everything about the creatures of the Indian Ocean. You will be taken out to an old wreckage, the Star Hope, where zebra fish, eels and other sea life congregate. At the end of the trip, you will receive a certificate signed by the pilot to acknowledge you were 35 metres under the sea. A cool soft drink is also included. The trip last for two hours in total (including 40mn of dive) and you will be given a thorough explanation of the day’s activities, plus all the safety precautions needed. You do not need to bring any special clothing or equipment with you – but don’t forget your camera!. Please remember, the fish and other sea life is completely wild, so we cannot guarantee what you will see on your trip. Cost : Per Person 12 Years + @ USD 165 03 Years + @ USD 105 0-3 Years @ USD 55 Child price is for kids under 12 years old.
http://uniqueholidays.in/from-delhi-to-mauritius-submarine-tour-submarine-dive-in-mauritius-is-one-of-the-best-activity-one-can-enjoy-during-the-tour-to-mauritius standard-dive-takes-you-35-metre-dive.-experience-this-incredible-two-hour-under-water-excursion-in-the-bs1100-submarine-(including-40mn-of-dive)-which-has-been-specially-designed-to-make-sure-everyone-enjoys-great-views-of-the-indian-ocean-from-35-metres-below-sea-level.-you-will-get-safety-training,-a-full-explanation-of-the-excursion-and-an-unforgettable-40-minute-journey-under-water. product-description for-a-fun-filled-experience-with-nature,-book-a-ticket-for-the-bs1100-which-seats-10-people.-each-comfortable-chair-has-its-own-window,-so-you-will-have-uninterrupted-views-of-the-ocean-bed.-the-submarine-is-piloted-by-an-experienced-captain-who-knows-everything-about-the-creatures-of-the-indian-ocean.-you-will-be-taken-out-to-an-old-wreckage,-the-star-hope,-where-zebra-fish,-eels-and-other-sea-life-congregate.-at-the-end-of-the-trip,-you-will-receive-a-certificate-signed-by-the-pilot-to-acknowledge-you-were-35-metres-under-the-sea.-a-cool-soft-drink-is-also-included. the-trip-last-for-two-hours-in-total-(including-40mn-of-dive)-and-you-will-be-given-a-thorough-explanation-of-the-day’s-activities,-plus-all-the-safety-precautions-needed.-you-do-not-need-to-bring-any-special-clothing-or-equipment-with-you-–-but-don’t-forget-your-camera!. please-remember,-the-fish-and-other-sea-life-is-completely-wild,-so-we-cannot-guarantee-what-you-will-see-on-your-trip. cost- :-per-person- 12-years-+- @-usd-165 03-years-+- @-usd-105 0-3-years @-usd-55 child-price-is-for-kids-under-12-years-old./b309
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